Restaurant La Azotea El Palmar
Beach bar

We are waiting for you to share the sun, the breeze and, of course, our passion for cooking!

With great enthusiasm, we want to share how our Sevillian dream has found a new horizon in the warm sands of the Cádiz coast. Thanks to a special collaboration with the Beach Club Payaya, we have been able to extend the soul of La Azotea to this paradisiacal corner.

The vision of Juan Gómez and Elena Menini, founders of our emblematic establishment, was the seed of this project, which has flourished under the sun of El Palmar. We are proud to say that the kitchen, the heart of our gastronomic proposal, now beats strongly by the sea, under our attentive direction.

Restaurant La Azotea Chiringuito El Palmar

Greetings from La Azotea Restaurante Chiringuito in El Palmar!

After an unforgettable start to Easter, we have planned to serve not only lunch but also dinner.

The space has been designed to accommodate up to eighty adventurous souls and gourmets, eager to explore a menu that, although faithful to its Sevillian roots, dares to innovate with local touches. Our master rice maker plays a starring role, creating masterpieces with Molino de Roca rice and coastal seasoning, a tribute to the fruits of our proximity to the sea.

At La Azotea Restaurante Chiringuito el Palmar, we remain committed to our philosophy of fusing tradition and avant-garde, enriching our offer with the best of local products, without leaving aside those dishes designed to unite, share and celebrate.

Each dish, each flavor is an invitation to discover that meeting point between land and sea, under the sky of El Palmar, where the passion for gastronomy and the spirit of Seville come to new life. We are excited for every story that will be woven around our tables, every smile shared and every new friend who will join this great family.

Come live the experience of La Azotea Restaurante Chiringuito in El Palmar marked by good flavor, hospitality and the unique charm of our beachfront corner.